Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions mentioned below holds an elaborate illustration of the services offered and dedicatedly provided by the organizer of SPEEDLOVE (known hereafter only as organizer).
Further, the mentioned terms & conditions of services contain the detail specification of a legally binding contract between the organizer and the participants (known hereafter as participant or customer ), who is availing the organiser’s various range of event management services.
WE ARE NOT A MATCHMAKING OR Marriage Bureau (Matrimonial Site) AGENCY WE JUST HOST EVENTS AND WE ARE A PROFESSIONAL EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY.We (SPEEDLOVE) strive to provide eligible and interested(to mingle) singles an opportunity to meet and connect with one another in a very secure ,comfortable and laid-back environment. We do not do any thorough background check on our customers or scrutinize their online activity(log files,IP,cookies and other sensitive data) or verify their personal details that have been submitted to us.However we will fully co-operate and disclose private data with the law enforcement authorities or with any investigation (by duly authorised agencies) on request (subopenas )if required.

Your private data and website coockies are completely safe with us and we do not share them with any thrid-party vendors.Please check our privacy policy section for more details. By registering with us you fully agree that you will not use the SPEEDLOVE platform/app/site/or any tool for any illegal and immoral activity with malacious intent towards the organiser or to any participants.

This section categorically contains the “Terms of Use”(TOU)/”Terms of Service”(TOS) of SPEEDLOVE and other range of event management services. Please note that the TOU is also referred to as our TOS, “Disclaimer” or “Terms and Conditions.” Our TOU constitute a legally binding agreement between every potential customers ,consumer of our services through our website/apps/tools/offline PR agents/affiliate agents or participant of our events. By choosing us for the aforesaid services and by registering with us you (i.e Customer or Participant) take full responsibility and agree to accept and follow the TOU as outlined in this Agreement.
In order to register with SPEEDLOVE events the customer and participants must be legally single(not married,divorced with legitimate legal documents) and must be of age 21 or above to form a legally binding contract with the organiser.
Potential participants ,visitors and customers must not make any defamatory public claims about our services online without first contacting us to let us resolve any issues you may have with our events and services.Our TOU and TOS are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice.
If you are or/have any criminal background/any pending criminal case in any court/ violent sex offender/Pedophilia/eve-teaser /outraged modesty of women/molestor , you may not register or attend any of our SPEEDLOVE event. If the customer/participant have been accused of a any violent sex offense, and we somehow discover that later then SPEEDLOVE reserves the right to refuse to provide the customer with the aforesaid service or cancel his/her invitation to our events .In case of any pending court case you may call our support team and inform the whole issue along with necessary documents(FIR copy,charge sheet etc).We will review the whole thing and decide our future course of action based on the merit of the case and background of the accused.
We or the organizer does not take any legal responsibility for any invalid or false information that the customer has given while registering with us. By registering for one of our events, you declare that you are legally single, not married. SPEEDLOVE does not check the background(As it is not always possible to check) or marital status of any participant. You agree that it is your responsibility to check all these if required.

SPEEDLOVE will not sell or misuse any customer’s information for more detail please read our privacy policy page. SPEEDLOVE will provide only your “matches” with your name, email, and phone number. By registering for an event online (at SPEEDLOVE) or attending one of our events, you give us permission to distribute your name, email, and phone number to your “matches.” Your matches are other participants who you notified us you liked in the “date sheet” and who shared a similar interest in you.

Participation at the SPEEDLOVE meetup events is subject to the complete and accurate registration on our web site/app and a payment of all necessary fees. By registering participant agrees to reimburse the organizer of any incurred damages resulting from his/her actions and conduct.SPEEDLOVE and it’s organizers have the right to reject participation of the meetup event to any participant without any reason(If we feel he/she is a trouble maker or not of sound mental condition). SPEEDLOVE does not assume any liability for the behaviour and conduct of any of the customer prior, during or after the event .

Reservation and Fee Payment

1. The participant has a confirmed reservation when the payment amount is credited to the account of the SPEEDLOVE. The potential participant or the customer will receive an email or phone call confirming the received payment and thus also confirmation of a warranted event reservation within 48 hours from the time of the payment being credited to the SPEEDLOVE account.

2. SPEEDLOVE reserves the right to reject any participant from registering to one of our meetup events for any reason whatsoever, or if registration has been effectuated, refund Participant’s registration fee in full and prevent user from participating in any SPEEDLOVE events.

3. By payment remittance, a binding contract is formed between the organizer of SPEEDLOVE and the registered customer. The subject matter of the contract is the right of the customer to attend the SPEEDLOVE event in a date and time confirmed by the organizer. The mutual contractual agreement and a legal relationship between the organizer and customer is governed by the respective provisions of the Commercial Code.

4. The price of attending an event will be confirmed on our site at the time of booking.

5. Any special offers are limited to 1 offer per purchase. It is therefore not possible to use a discount code on an already discounted event, or, use the 5th ticket free offer in conjunction with a 2 for 1 deal.

6. If you are using the guarantee on a ticket that you bought for a discounted price, you must pay the balance when claiming the guarantee. For example, if you purchase a ticket for the discounted price of 3000 and then wish to claim a guarantee and use it on an event which is 4000, you must pay the 1000. If you wanted to book another event which was 2000 that would be no problem.

Regulations of Cancellation by Customer

All tickets sold are final and cannot be refunded, if unattended due to some emergency, it could be used to attend your next event. SPEEDLOVE does not offer any monetary refunds.
Participant must notify SPEEDLOVE via email or phone to give prior notice of reschedule. If Participant fails to show at our event and did not give us more than 3 days notice of the planned absence, Participant forfeits his/her admission and all refunds and transfers. If the cancellation is realized within the above deadline, the customer’s bank account will be credited back the payment in full, at the earliest possible time.
If the customer exercises the cancellation request less than 7 calendar days prior to the event taking place, but at least 3 days prior to the event, the customer is no longer entitled to receive a refund. However, the customer has the possibility to use this payment against another meetup event held by SPEEDLOVE at a later date, but no later than 3 months from the cancellation of the original event.
If customer cancels the event less than 3 days prior to the event or does not show up at the event, the payment is forfeited to the organizer. Same applies if a guarantee, discount or a gift voucher was used on an event. The guarantee, discount or gift voucher is considered redeemed, unless the customer cancels the attendance at least 3 days prior to the event.
If you dispute our charge for any reason and initiate a charge back with your credit card company, we are authorized by you to send your all required details and a copy of your signed match card as proof of attendance. If you fail to attend an event without notifying us of your absence within 5 business days (as aforementioned), you are in no way entitled to a refund. In case you cannot attend, and notify us after the 5 allotted days, we can apply your payment toward a future
meetup event, but you are not entitled to a monetary refund. If you initiate a charge back in violation of our terms and conditions, you agree that we may take legal action against you and that you are solely responsible for all legal fees (Yours and SPEEDLOVE), and that you will also compensate us for the time our staff spent fighting the charge back.

Regulations of Cancellation by Organizer

The organizer reserves the right to cancel any planned event in case of the capacity of the event not being sufficiently filled, or due to a breach of contract by the lessor, or due to other unforeseeable circumstances.
In case of such events, you will be notified and your reservation will be made of an alternate event in the same price range, if this event is not already full.
The payment is returned in the nominal value in which it was credited to the account. The customer is not entitled to a refund on discounts or special promotions that could have been applied on the canceled event. In a case that a guarantee was used on event that was canceled, the guarantee is extended by 2 months. The customer, which had used guarantee, and therefore had not credited any payment for the given event, is not entitled to a refund on the canceled event.

Code of Conduct During the Event

1. The customer is obligated to treat all other participants with respect, adhere to the ethical code of conduct, and not to use abrasive, offensive or profane language. Furthermore, at our meetup events you are not allowed to ask for someone’s contact information directly. You are not allowed to make any sexual, lewd, or inappropriate remarks or ask inappropriate questions. You are not allowed to touch anyone in an inappropriate way or follow someone home. You are not allowed to loiter outside the venue after the event if the venue owner, manager, or staff has asked you leave. You must immediately leave the venue if our host asks you to leave.

2. During the event, customers are strictly prohibited to use any photographic, video or audio recording devices.

3. It is your responsibility to take care of your property during and after our event. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property, or any property you may have left behind at any of our events. We will make our best effort to help you search/or report any stolen or lost property, or any property left behind, so as long as we have been notified of the problem in a reasonable and timely manner.

4. If you arrive late for an event, entry will not be guaranteed, and all late arrivals will be permitted to join the event at the host’s discretion. If you are late, and admittance is denied by the host who will act reasonably and in the best interest of the group of attendees as a whole, you are not eligible for any credit or refund. We consider a late arrival to mean any attendee who arrives later than 10 minutes prior to the event’s listed start time. Attendance on time is essential to allow you to sign in and get a drink before the event starts.

5. Venues have their own requirements such as dress code and ID checks. Booking an event is no guarantee that a venue will allow you to enter the premises if you are in breach of any venue code of conduct, dress code, or fail to provide ID if so requested by the venue. Guests are encouraged to check venue websites directly for accuracy. As a general rule we recommend smart/casual attire. Do not wear sneakers/tracksuits or football colours. Many venues operate a ‘no ID, no entry policy’. This is not to verify ages but as a general security policy. This means that we ask all guests to carry an ID. This applies whether you look 20 or 60! Please follow venue guidelines and if you are turned away from a venue for not being able to provide an ID or are dressed in appropriate attire, no refunds/credits will be issued.

6. We are not in any way liable for any third party costs that you may incur in attending or attempting to attend an event including, but not limited to any transport or hotel costs that you choose to incur.

Meeting New People at our Events

1. After events, we would send you a link over whatsapp/email/sms wherein you need to mention the names of the people you liked at the event. Matches you share over mentioned link will be considered final. On basis of which, we will get back to you over email within 24-48 hours of event.

2. Link must be updated before 10 pm of same day of event.


1. We reserve the right to change venue and timings of the events. We will attempt to give you as much notice as possible prior to any change. Venues are subject to change and no refunds will be given for venue changes. The closest available venue which is suitable will be used as a replacement. If the venue is unusually far away from the original event, credit for the next event could be given with discretion of Event manager.

2. We aim to ensure that all members are equally included in events, however some venues may not provide full, or limited, access for our disabled members. Please contact us in advance of the event to ensure that we can take appropriate steps to allow you to enjoy the event, or, if the venue is limited in the adjustments that can be made, we will offer to help you attend another event at a more suitable venue. Please note that if you do not contact us, and require special assistance, our hosts will be limited in any alterations they can make on the day of the event due to the detailed planning that is required for all events. Please contact us in advance to ensure we can take all reasonable steps for your benefit.


1. We guarantee a minimum of 8 dates at any regular meetup event. If you meet less than 8 people at any one event, you will be offered a complimentary ticket to another regular meetup event (however cover charges are applicable (that could vary between 1000-2000 INR). No refunds will be granted. Our host has the discretion to call an event off in extreme circumstances when an event is not viable. If you choose to leave an event which goes ahead as planned you are not eligible for a refund or rebook regardless of the circumstances.

2. This guarantee covers all paying customers of SPEEDLOVE. If the participant of the event does not choose anyone, i.e. does not circle any nickname on the scoreboard, he/she is entitled to the next meetup event in the same price range for free however cover charges are applicable (which our support team will mention that could vary between 1000-2000 INR). Simply email us to claim your free event any time within 5 days after the event and we will send you a promo code for another event. You agree that you will be entitled to only 1 free event per event that you pay to attend. If you do not pick anyone during your free event, you are not entitled to a second free event.

3. SPEEDLOVE will do its best to introduce single couples, but it does not guarantee that its services or efforts will result in “matches” as defined within the SPEEDLOVE web site nor will result in any future meeting or date with other participants.

If the customer desires to redeem the guarantee on a meetup event in a different price range, he/she is obligated to cover the price difference. In a case that the event, on which a guarantee is redeemed, is in a lower price range, the organizer does not refund the price difference.
The guarantee of SPEEDLOVE must be redeemed no later than 2 months from the date of the event to which it relates.
In a case that  SPEEDLOVE will not be holding a meetup event in the same city and in the same group and age type, the guarantee is considered expired. In a case that a guarantee was used on event that was cancelled, the guarantee is extended by 2 months. If a guarantee could not be redeemed due to the event cancellation or any other reason, the customer is not entitled to a monetary refund.

Presents from Partners

At some of our events, we may be distributing presents from our partners.SPEEDLOVE is not liable for the services provided by our partners or for unavailability of the vouchers (presents) on advertised events. The customer of SPEEDLOVE is not entitled to any financial or other compensation in a case of not receiving such a present.

Promotional Materials

1. We reserve the right to invite media to attend events or to take our own promotional photographs, videos and other media at events. By attending an event you grant to us a world wide royalty free, sub-licensable, perpetual license to use, distribute, broadcast, adapt, modify your image or any likeness to your image for any commercial purpose. All rights in such media will vest in the creator and you waive all intellectual property rights or moral rights arising from use of your image or likeness.

2. When you login to update result after an event, you must review your event experience, with reviews being mandatory. We reserve the right to select review content for promotional purposes. You grant to us a world wide, sub-licensable, royalty free license to the content of any review, and you grant to us the right to freely use, copy, distribute, publish, broadcast, modify, adapt and display such content for any commercial purpose.

Final Provisions

The organizer reserves the right to change the web site from time to time without any prior notice.
The organizer also reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in the future, effective immediately. The organizer, therefore, encourages all the customers to carefully review the most current version of these Terms & Conditions prior to event reservation.
By registering for any of our events, you agree that neither us nor our associates, affiliates, parent company or subsidiaries (together with our directors, employees, consultants, contractors, agents and representatives of each of the foregoing) are liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from using our services unless resulting from our breach of contract or negligence. This includes any damages, without limitation, arising out of communicating with other participants registered with us.
The organizer also does not guarantee to any participant of the meetup event SPEEDLOVE that he/she will find a suitable partner.



SPEEDLOVE events are not meant for married people. Please Participate only if you are single or legally Divorced.
All tickets sold are final and cannot be refunded, if unattended due to some emergency, it could be used to attend your next event.
If event is canceled or postponed, your ticket will be moved to next available event.
All purchased tickets agree to the terms and conditions of SPEEDLOVE.

SPEEDLOVE Support Team