SPEEDLOVE is not a Matrimonial Site Or Match Making agency – We simply arrange a venue and invite up to 20 to 40 single people of both genders to come along and meet new people. At an SPEEDLOVE event you will enjoy a totally new friends/knowing new people experience in a cool venue. So technically we are an Event Management Company.We also work with other event management companies to host events that are related to
Group-outing, Pre-wedding interaction,Pre-wedding photoshoot ,Hosting a Wedding event , wedding planning,Get together,Alumni meetings,Wedding Anniversary party,Wedding Anniversary dinner etc etc.

We host events only and we do not do any kind of match making by ourselves. By hosting an event we meant we book venues,banquet hall do decoration,do floor design,lighting and  make necessary arrangements for the event.Arrange for Food ,Coffee Snacks.Decide Menu ,Catering services for Food.Music system if required.Arrange a host to conduct an event,conduct interactive fun games(karaoke games) etc etc. In order to participate in our event you must fulfill certain criteria and then buy a hall ticket. It’s not open to all some events are very private and guest may attend them by “invitation only” .

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